For the Record 2

September 30, 2018

Last week, we went apple picking to Carlson Orchards on Saturday and pears picking somewhere in Rhode Island on Sunday.  Saturday afternoon we walked around Walden Pond and on Sunday we went on Cliff Walk in Newport.  On Sunday, we stopped at Wendy’s for late lunch.  We were reluctant to do so, because on two previous occasions Robert was screaming there.  Just for a few minutes, but nonetheless it was a problem.  So this time before we entered the restaurant. we reminded him what behavior we expected him to display.   Robert was very calm. He was calm despite the fact that neither of two soda fountains had regular coke.  He kept pushing all the right buttons in the right order, but the coke didn’t come out. Finally, without any complains, he resigned himself to cherry coke.

This weekend was much harder. On Saturday morning, I noticed that our cat, Amber was in distress.  I took her to the vet when Robert was still sleeping. Amber was very sick.  For three hours I didn’t know what to do. Should I let  her get a few hours of partial relief? Should I try to save her knowing that suffering was unavoidable? I didn’t want her to suffer so Amber was put to sleep. I returned home without her but Robert didn’t notice her absence.  After all they mostly avoided each other.

Amber was found 11 years ago in the middle of the street leading through forest to the Audubon park. She had many signs of trauma. We wanted to bring her to an animal shelters, but during Memorial weekend shelters were closed. Then we were afraid that a cat with her injuries might not be adopted at all, so her temporary stay in our house became permanent. Helas, she too eagerly tried to befriend us all and kept rubbing against our legs. This gestures petrified Robert so much, that he jumped every time. Amber learned to keep her distance from him. Robert avoided her too. But although he pet her only a few times and with my close proximity, he liked to give her food.  When he was doing that, Amber was watching him with complete bewilderment. Only once, just a few weeks ago, I have seen them both sitting next to each other on a couch.  However, in her first couple years in our home, Robert became anxious whenever Amber was outside. He wanted her to come home. So he was telling her, “Cat home, cat home, cat home”  and he showed her with a stretched arm which way to go. Since Amber didn’t listen, Robert demanded that we bring Amber home and usually we did.  Lately, he accepted the fact that Amber liked to sleep on the deck many hours a day.

Robert didn’t seem to notice her absence probably because I didn’t remove her dishes or her litter box yet. It also helped that we spent Saturday and Sunday mostly outside.  On Saturday, we walked along Pleasure Bay in Boston and then accompanied Robert during his horseback riding class. Today we drove to Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod spending almost all day traveling.  Robert loves the Sanctuary and the Mac’s On the Pier Restaurant we went for lunch. It was a beautiful day.  Robert seemed to feel much better than he felt on Thursday, or Friday.  He wasn’t patting his cheeks or making noises.  He didn’t seem to feel any physical or emotional discomfort. As I said he didn’t notice Amber disappearance yet.

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