For the Record 3

October 7, 2018

This week, Robert’s schedule changed. On Monday, as always, he went to Lifeworks for the full day.  On Tuesday, he still went to Lifeworks for a half day and then he went with Jean on a train trip to Boston.  Jean said that Robert  had good time.  On Wednesday, however, Robert went for the first time to a different program in HMEA.  He went there on Thursday also.  On Wednesday, he came home relaxed and ready to go to HMEA the following day.  But on Thursday, he came home slightly tense and kept asking about Lifeworks.   I calmed him when I said that he would still go to Lifeworks on Tuesday (Monday is the Columbus Day and the programs  are closed.) Unfortunately, when we went to the swimming pool for his weekly lesson, he started screaming and hitting his face as he was about to jump in the water. He swam one length of the pool and at the other end he again started screaming and hitting his face. Each episode lasted for a minute or two, but for me, they seemed like eternity. Then, Robert calmed down, swam 12 times back and forth and followed all Lucinda’s, his swimming instructor, directions.

However, at home, during his bath, the very loud screams returned.  He was clearly not feeling well.  I massaged his cheeks and gave him asthma inhalers.  Robert calmed down but not completely.  He still seemed to hold his breath a little longer, for me the sign of his discomfort.  On Friday, he slept past 10 AM, which is rare.  He had stuffy nose and he screamed and hit his face again.  I gave up on the activities I prepared for this day.  However, when he felt better, we drove to a bank and a post office.  On the way home, we got take out lunch from McDonald.  For the remainder of the day, Robert was calm but sleepy until Tim arrived.  Tim presence perked up Robert and in a record time he was ready to go out to play basketball, walk in the park, and have a donut in Dunkin Donuts.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful day.  Robert was calm and happy all day. When he is happy. Jan and I are relaxed as well.  Robert reiterated request for a trip to the ocean and so we drove to Newport.  First, we walked through the town’s fair and then we went on a Cliff Walk.  Robert wanted to go on the rocky part of the trail, but I was afraid I will trip and fall because I am much more wobbly lately. Although I wanted them to go alone, they both decided to return to the car. On the way home, we stopped at the Stonefield Restaurant.  It was slightly past Saturday’s branch but before early dinner, so there were no many people there. Really, the best time for us to visit.  It was such a relaxing day.  Not even one incident to be concerned about.

We started Sunday with Robert’s horseback riding lesson.  He was riding Governor, a tall white horse.  Since Governor is not as sensitive to touch as Calvin, Robert had to kick harder to make Governor walk.  Robert was also practicing moving a few steps back. And of course, he had an opportunity to enjoy himself walking outside along the lake.  After the lesson, as always, he took off the reins.  He didn’t take off the saddle as Governor was getting ready for a next rider. That surprised Robert slightly, as a change in routine, but he didn’t protest at all.  And that surprised me! Robert gave Governor carrots and it looked as if all went as smoothly as possible except…. When Robert closed the door to the equipment room, I told him to keep the door open because two instructors were still there.  Robert started screaming.  Maybe because, he really wanted the door closed, or maybe because I didn’t appreciate his efforts to make everything rightand pointed to him that he did something wrong when he tried to do his best.  Luckily Meghan stepped in and pointed to Robert all other doors, he could close.  So he did and calmed down.  After the lesson, we drove to Public Market in Boston to buy some vegetables.  Later, we walked to Boston Commons. We bought and shared one piece of fried dough, rested a little, and returned to the car.

Last night, Robert wanted to write about his weekend in his notebook.  For him writing in the notebook, means that the following day he would attend his program.  Since that was not the case, I tried to prevent Robert from writing.   But Robert insisted so he wrote with dad, who still kept reminding Robert that there won’t be Lifeworks on Monday. That must confuser Robert.  Maybe because of that fact,  Robert started whining when he was taking an evening bath.  Maybe because of that, he didn’t go to his bed but instead slept in different bedroom and without his favorite comforter. He wanted to pretend that it was not a normal night, or maybe not a night at all. Just an afternoon nap. Maybe he tried to stay awake all night and now. Maybe that is why he doesn’t want to get up today and hasn’t even eaten his breakfast. Maybe he wants to pretend that this day doesn’t exist since it is not a day hewas supposed to go to  Lifeworks.

I hope he is not sick.

I hope he is not depressed.

Also, I wondered if Robert’s screaming in the pool on Thursday was not related to his dinner of eggplant with cheese and tomato sauce.


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