For the Record 5

October 21, 2018

Robert had a relatively peaceful week.  At least that is how the last seven days appear from my perspective.

On Thursday, he  was  anxious during his swimming class wanting to leave before the end of the lesson. But his behavior was slightly better than it was the previous week and much better than two weeks before.

On Friday, Robert had an ultrasound of his kidneys. Jan and I accompanied him to the lab afraid that he might be anxious and need our support. But he wasn’t and he didn’t.  The technician who administrated the test with her calm, matter of fact demeanor and a very warm voice talked to Robert DIRECTLY. He followed her instructions WITHOUT WAITING FOR ME TO REPEAT THEM.  I was present but not needed.  I sensed that this was the situation Robert could handle on his own and that felt great. As we walked through t he building Robert noticed Dunkin Donut and Five Guys. He first said, “Dunkin Donut” but I reminded him , that he would go there with Tim in the afternoon.  That made sense to him as he quickly turned and marched toward Five Guys.

On Saturday, we went apple picking to Carlson Orchards. This is a place which became familiar to Robert so even though we had to go to a new place to find Fuji apples, he didn’t mind.  We walked one way and rode on the hay wagon back to the store.  it was a very relaxing day for all of us.

In the early afternoon, Robert’s uncle came for a weekend visit which included sleepover. His presence made Robert happy for most of the day.  When it became dark outside, he deduced that it was the time for uncle to go to his house. “House house”,  he said quite a few times. When I, however, prepared a bed  for our guest, Robert accepted his uncle extended presence.  After all,  Robert never tries to undermine any fait accompli.

Today, Robert had a horseback lesson.  He rode on his old horse Calvin and practiced trotting. I think Robert was happy that Calvin had recovered from his illness and was back in the rink.  They both, Robert and Calvin, seemed to have fun.   In the afternoon, Robert went for a walk in Blue Hill with his dad.  On the way home, they stopped at Costco to buy blueberries and water.  All the time Robert was calm and happy.

When Robert is relaxed, I am relaxed.  But given the recurring episodes of his unexplained discomfort, I cannot stop worrying.



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