For the Record 6

October 28, 2018

As long as Robert screams intermittently and without any clearly identifiable cause, I feel obligated to record his screams and situations in which they happen. Yes, Robert is still learning.  Yes, Robert is still participating in old and new activities.  It is all important.  But his screams take precedence over everything else.  There are sounds which I blame on unidentified pain.  There are sounds which I attribute to his confusion or anger.  It is possible that I am wrong both times.  I hope to find answers and possibly a treatment.  Cure? 

On Wednesday, as Robert was writing in his Journal he misspelled the word “solved”. He wrote “sloved”.  When I pointed the error to him, he tried to write correct version  on top of the misspelled one. The word became unreadable.  I asked him to cross it and write the correct word after it.  He did, but he was upset. He made a few angry sounds and hit his cheeks. I turned away and pretended to leave the table. He calmed down and continued writing his daily note.  When we finished, I got up while Robert was still correcting some of the letters in his note. In a few minutes I heard him screaming and patting/hitting/ his cheeks again. When I came back to the table he was sitting at, he pointed to  two words “solved” in his Journal. I realized that he wanted me to confirm that it was fine to have them written like that.  So I did, and he calmed down.

On Thursday, Robert screamed for a few second when the door to the swimming pool opened and two people came out. It was clear that he was startled. Besides, the screams were short.  Then, he took time getting in the water.  But at least he didn’t scream as it was the case during previous three visits. However, he made frustrated vocalization after one lap.  Then, he calmed down completely and swam another 10 or 11 times.  It is possible that Robert felt some discomfort because the instructor was not in the water as she usually is.

On Friday, Robert screamed a lot more during his physical therapy.  It was different than what he experienced before.  He had to do some exercises.  Moreover, the therapist left for a couple of minutes, so Robert probably thought the session was over.  Nonetheless it was a difficult time for him and for me.  As Robert was screaming he was also reluctant to move. He made noises, hit his face and keep freezing in place.  He still wanted to go to a store as we had planned before, but I told him we couldn’t go there, because of his behavior. I said it a few times.  By the time we reach our home, Robert was his calm if not relaxed.

He had a good outing with Tim, even though they did something new – walked on an indoor track in YMCA. But when he returned home, Robert made many noises of either discomfort or anger. Since, he held each breath slightly longer and exhaled loudly, I assumed he didn’t feel well. He also made noises while in the bathroom which let me to believe that his stomach might be a problem.

There were no screams on Saturday.  We went to Polish Store in the morning. In the evening, he went with his dad to a swimming pool in YMCA. On Sunday, he didn’t make any grunting sounds of disappointment when his horseback class was canceled and he had to turn back.  He was also behaving perfectly in the evening while  watching Johnny English new movie in Showcase Cinema.

It surprises me that Robert almost never makes any noises while we are learning together.  This week we read about electromagnets and build one.  We finished a book about King Arthur and began reading abridged version of Oliver Twist. We counted areas of different triangles (Singapore Math level 5A)  and then switched to solving simple equations (Momentum Math level H).  We used cards to practice verb tenses.  He continues with perceptual demands posed by worksheets from Write from the Start”. He also solves one easy Sudoku with my decreasing level of help.


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