For the Record 7

November 12, 2018

I had to pick Robert from his program before 11 AM.  I heard he was sleepy. He was asking for the bus, so it was assumed that he wanted to go home. When asked if he felt good,  he answered , “No”. He was pacing.  Of course, I am not sure really what was the cause. He could ask for a bus because something out of ordinary happened in his van today.  There was a different driver.  Moreover, other passengers ordered Robert to sit in a different place. They always do that when there is a new driver. They order him around. He listened but maybe he wasn’t happy about that,  So, when he was saying, “Bus” it might be that he wanted to share that information but didn’t have verbal tools to express himself.  That might be why he was pacing.  That might be why he said, he wasn’t feeling good. Of course there is also his sleepiness and that is harder to explain.  Because he slept well at home.  Maybe he didn’t sleep but was just enough quiet not to wake up anybody.  I don’t know.

I am saddened by this experience, because whatever happened Robert couldn’t express himself and nobody was able to understand him.  Not that I can either.  I picked him around 11.  I was at least relived that he was calm. He doesn’t like to leave in the middle of the day. But today  he was fine.  Although, he ate his lunch already, he still wanted to eat an eggplant which he planned for dinner. Since he insisted, I asked him to help cooking. And he did.  I peeled and sliced the aubergine and Robert  seasoned it with salt and pepper, sprinkled with flour, dipped in the egg and breadcrumbs, and fried in the oil. He ate and watched Netflix.

Later he went with me to Stop and Shop.  Two different man who suddenly appeared in front of him seemed to startled him and for 10 second he froze then he hit his face a few times, made some sounds. After we passed one of those men, he calmed down and continued shopping.  From that point on everything was uneventful.  Yes, we had to wait at the self register as one shopper had  problem with payments and needed assistance, but Robert didn’t mind.  He didn’t ask for potato chips, as I told him before entering the store that we are not going to buy them.  At home, he unpacked everything and put all the groceries away. I let him do that, but from the living room I heard one short expression of frustration.  I didn’t run to check what was the reason.

Later we were folding laundry together.  Robert patiently kept folding white T-shirt. He didn’t mind that I corrected him a few times.

As always, we studied together for an hour and a half.  I prepared pages for Robert to copy, trying to improve the size of some of his letters.  Over last couple years, they became tiny and hard to decipher. Robert finished reading book about Olympics, worked on ratios, and with my diminishing assistance solved Sudoku.

It was a good day at home. Robert had an opportunity to practice skills I used to teach him – cooking, folding laundry, using self register.  It was over all good day, and yet those few moments of his frustration, his psychological or physiological discomfort he cannot explain left me concerned and worried.

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