He Voted

November 13, 2018

A couple of years ago, Robert accompanied me to my pooling place.  He didn’t vote.  He was not a registered voter at that time. I dragged him along for learning purposes.  The visit would not help him understand what election is.  The purpose of that visit was to create images related to words “Ballot”, “Candidate”, “pooling place” and to observe the steps each voter had to take to fulfill his or her civil obligation.

My efforts to teach Robert  the idea of selecting a better person for specific responsibilities related to either activity or position were not successful. With Robert narrow social circle there was nobody to choose from.  Yes, we read about three branches of government.  We read about elected positions.  I tried to explain to Robert that people chosen to be his representative might do something that would either benefit him or not.  I tried.  But I wasn’t sure Robert was ready to vote in 2016 election. so, he didn’t vote.

I am not sure he was much more attuned to the idea of electing his representatives even this year.  Nonetheless, we continued to read about elections, practice vocabulary, and learn a few names of people who were candidates with election on our minds.

I helped Robert to become registered voter.  We voted in primary and we voted on November 6.

Robert was extremely serious. He took the ballot, followed me to a booth,  and without one word between us, he… copied all my choices.

No, I didn’t feel bad about that. Robert didn’t vote the way Trump directed his supporters to vote.  No, Robert didn’t attend any of Trump crowded, loud rallies. He would hate them. No, he didn’t vote like Trump’s base did.  However, he didn’t vote the way I told him to.  I didn’t tell him anything.  He decided on his own to vote the same way I did because he trusted my judgement.

And in doing that, he showed more maturity and wisdom then  you know who.


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