For the Record 8

November 26, 2018

On Screaming

There was much less screaming in the last two weeks.  At least less screaming at home.

1. A few days ago, Robert began emptying dishwasher before the cycle ended.  I told him not to do so and Robert started screaming.  He was confused and upset. He wanted to help but instead was told that he did something wrong. He must have hated that. He expressed his confusion quite loudly.  When he calmed down, he didn’t continue taking dishes out, but instead stood silently in the kitchen.  After a while, he said softly “dishes”. “OK Robert,  you can put dishes away.” I decided that I would rinse dishes before using them.  It was late and I was not in a mood to teach-explain- struggle.  That is why I told Robert to put dishes away.  But at that moment, he wasn’t really sure what to do as he asked again, “Dishes” and I responded the same way.  He asked two more times before he removed cups and plates from the dishwasher.

2.  Robert waited for his lesson at the barn.  The cold, wet wind was passing through the corridor.  I asked Robert to move a few steps to escape the draft. He didn’t move.  Instead he patted/slapped his cheeks and he screamed.  Maybe for him my suggestion meant that the lesson was not going to happen.  Maybe he felt neglected.  Maybe he felt confused.  In the barn it was the instructor who should give him directions not his mother.  I don’t know why he screamed.  However, later that day, he threw up in the bathroom.  so maybe he was not feeling well.  Again, I don’t know.

3. Today, as he was undressing himself to take a bath, he  produced two sharp and long screams.  I don’t know why.  Maybe something hurt him.  Maybe he waited for one of us to turn on the water, although that is something he usually initiates. We  get inside the bathroom when we hear the water running.  Then we check the temperature and adjust it if necessary.  today, I turned on the water and that somehow calmed Robert.

On Visiting Relatives and Guests.

Grandma came for two weeks visit.  The uncle only stayed one night.  Robert didn’t tell grandma, “New York, New York” as he used to do during previous visits.  “New York, New York”  meant that grandma should go back to New York City. The fact that Robert refrained himself from repeating those words was a sign that he got used to grandma’s visit.  It is also possible that grandma bribed Robert by inviting the whole family to Outback restaurant. Whatever the reason, the visit became much more pleasant for everybody.

Not so for Robert’s uncle.  On the first day of the visit, he heard, “House, house, house” quite often.  Robert wanted his uncle to return to his HOUSE instead of staying in our HOME. Still, Robert expressed his demands with much less intensity than he did it during previous visits.  The second day, he accepted uncle wholeheartedly.

Robert tolerated a few guests during Thanksgiving dinner.  Not even once he told anybody, “House, house”.


We Are Still Learning

But nothing very challenging.  Easy, simple, short.

A page from Autism and PDD Adolescent Social skills Lessons.  Interacting.  Today, Modesty and Looking Neat

A page from Functional Routines Work.  Today, Housekeeper Hotel Bedroom

One Easy Sudoku

One simple writing exercise.  Today, writing a friendly letter

Two pages of math – mostly reviews, Today, adding and subtracting fractions.

A page from Weber’s book. Today, words ending in “L”

One chapter of a 2-4 grade book. Today, Usborne Reading Programme A Story of Ships.




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