For the Record 11

March 3, 2019

Another week on an emotional roller coaster.

Robert was in such a distress  previous Saturday and Sunday that I took him to see his doctor on Monday. He was hitting his face with the ends of his fingers to the point he cut through the skin, even though we cut his nails. Surprisingly, Robert waited very patiently in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes.  But a few times when doctor was talking to me, or him , he started again hitting his face.  He had a very bad day in his program on Tuesday, as he didn’t want to eat his lunch asking instead for McDonald’s.  At home he was fine, studied with me then he watched Netflix on his IPAD. Suddenly he got up and started screaming and hitting his face again. The lesions on his face got covered with blood.  I didn’t know what to do.  Should I call 911, because something was terribly wrong.  I knew, he wouldn’t go to urgent care with me. Should I call an ambulance?   But if he would act like that in the hospital, he would be restrained and the effects of restraining could be horrid. I didn’t even try to hold his face in my hands to prevent him from striking himself, because as he did in the past he would walk backwards to free himself from my hug and hit himself even more. So, I did the only thing I could do.  I turned away, pretended not to see it, and did nothing.

Few seconds later,  he calmed down. As if something inside him was turned off. He became calm and happy.  In his program and at home.  The only incident happened today, when he was told to ride a larger horse than he usually does.  He did some screaming before getting on the horse, but he was fine as soon as he started riding.

I don’t know why he was calm and relatively happy the last five days, just like I don’t know why he was in such discomfort – either physical or emotional – before.

I just don’t know.

On Friday, we went to the bank to deposit his check.  Later we baked cookies together. On Saturday, he went to the swimming pool with his dad.  Later they ate lunch in Applebee’s. It was his 27th birthday after all.

Yesterday, we finished reading rather  It Does Matter from Carter High Chronicle series.  Today, after we studied for an hour,  but before riding in his notebook, Robert said, “Read, read” , went to shelf and pulled out another book. This time it was from Usborne Reading Programme  Twelfth Night.  

March 8, 2019

We had a very pleasant Friday.  Yesterday, we wrote the schedule for today.  Studying, cleaning bathrooms, shopping, baking cookies and a trip to Science Museum. Well, we didn’t clean bathrooms, as I needed to make time-consuming calls to insurance company.

As for study:  pronunciation – today words beginning with “Z” sound;  finding the value of a simple  algebraic expression for a given number; reading about trip to movie theater from  Functional Routines and about acne from Autism and PDD Adolescent Social Skills Lessons. Robert completed first part of the Moving West History Packets. He read, answered questions and  pictures.  We talked about time line that he had completed last week. He solved Sudoku with little help from me. He is able to enter a few numbers at a time without my help and he seems to enjoy it.

Store: we went mainly to buy chocolate chips for the cookies we planned to bake.  However, we bought many other things including parsley, scallion and dill.  At the self register, Robert first scanned all the items that had a bar code while I was packing them. When he picked parsley, he hesitated.  I showed him the number and he entered it. He found by himself numbers on scallion and on dill.  It was much harder for him to look for cabbage on the screen not because of his difficulties with alphabet, but because of lack of familiarity with this vegetable.

He paid using his ATM card.

Baking.  He assemble all the items.  He needed prompt to turn on the oven and do all the necessary steps.  But he did them with the exception of placing the dough on the  baking pan. well, the dough was very sticky and didn’t want to drop from the spoon.

Museum. We arrived later than I anticipated because of traffic hour.  However, there was enough time to buy fries and two pieces of chicken fingers and eat them.  I was s lightly tense afraid that Robert would start telling me what he wants during the movie, but he was very quiet.  It helped that the movie Cuba was entertaining – with ballet, beautiful building, music and coral reefs.

Robert’s dad, Jan, met us after the movie and we drove home together.  Except, Robert kept saying, “Car, car, car”.  Only then we realized that Jan left the car at the train station on his way to work.  We explained to Robert what had happened and  drove to the station to retrieve Jan’s car.



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