The Mystery of the Disappearing T-shirt

March 17, 2019

I don’t know how many  white, short-sleeved T-shirt Robert has and how many his father does. I know that Robert has plenty, When all of them are clean, it is very hard to close the drawer were they are kept. I know also that Robert’s dad wears crew neck style T-shirts while Robert prefers v-neck ones. Robert knows that too and properly places one kind in the chest in his bedroom and the other kind in his dad’s dresser.

Last Friday, however, the peaceful activity of folding laundry was interrupted by Robert’s sudden agitation. “White shirt, white shirt”, he kept repeating as he was checking drawers in both bedrooms. “White shirt, white shirt”  He repeated louder as he went to the hamper with dirty clothes and examined them too.  He didn’t find what he was looking for. He rechecked the dryer from which he had took laundry just few minutes before.  Nothing. There was one more place when the shirt or what might be left of the shirt could be.  In the bathroom under the sink where we keep torn articles of garment to use them later for cleaning. Robert doesn’t mind that old clothes can be recycled in this way.  He also accepts the fact that clothes he overgrew can be donated, as long as he donates them himself.  What he doesn’t accept is that clothes disappear. He became more and more anxious and loud.  Hoping to distract him, Jan decided to take Robert to the store.  Well, that didn’t work as Robert couldn’t forget about the white T-shirt that wasn’t  anymore. So in a store and in a car, Robert’s despair only grew. “white shirt, white shirt, white shirt, white shirt…..”

Upon returning home, he resumed his search.  He looked under the bed covers in both bedrooms and under the pillow,  He rechecked the old places. Only then, I suggested that the shirt might be hidden in the back of a new laundry machine. Robert ran to check that possibility.  Since he also stopped repeating “White shirt, white shirt” , I concluded that he found what he looked for. I don’t know if that was crew neck T-Shirt of V-Shaped T-shirt. I was glad that Robert solved the m ystery of the disappearing shirt and relaxed. However, another mystery keeps bothering me.  How did he know that one of those identical (at least identical for me)  shirts was missing.  No, he didn’t count them.  He was checking each shirt separately, unfolding it, spreading in front of his eyes and examining carefully.  He not only knew that one shirt was missing, he knew exactly WHICH shirt that was.

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