Tangible Argument

March 22, 2019

The last few weeks were pretty calm. Robert has NOT been hitting his face and ha has been NOT screaming. I don’t know why he stopped but I didn’t know why he was doing that in the first place. I am still not sure if there was an underlying medical condition which resulted in severe pain  or if he was “just” angry about something. It is possible that an underlying medical condition , like itching from his eczema made him more irritable and impatient. The fact that he couldn’t reveal the reason for his distress made his anguish even more severe.

Because I don’t know the reasons, I am still afraid that the nightmare (because that was a nightmare) of his anguish might return unexpectedly.

Still, we all enjoyed those few peaceful weeks.

The drawer

A few days ago, as Robert was putting away laundry, I heard a sad cooing coming from his room. I peaked in and saw Robert sitting on the floor and trying to do two things: place all of his shirts in a drawer and simultaneously reattach its falling bottom. It was a daunting task. There were too many shirts and the drawer was too old to withstand their pressure.  Confronted with the impossibility of solving this conundrum, Robert responded with gentle, nonetheless, heartrending cooing.

So I said, what I had been saying before many times.  “Robert, there are too many shirts.  We have to put summer shirts with short sleeves in the box in the closet. ” I took one such shirt and placed it in the box.  I prepared myself for a strong resistance expecting Robert to take the shirt back.  After all that was what he did many times in the past. He wanted to keep all his shirts together no matter what was the season of the year and no matter how how full the drawer was .He managed to always put this shirts back even when I hid them from him.  But not this time.  He didn’t remove the shirt from the box but to the contrary he kept taking out one shirt after another and kept passing to me all short sleeved ones.  He returned the long-sleeved shirts back to the drawer.  Then he put the bottom of the drawer back in its grooves. Finally, he closed the drawer .

It was a small thing but  it left me speechless. So many times I tried to achieve the same results and failed every time.  But then I used only words to convince Robert.  This time the drawer presented Robert with a strong, tangible argument and he got it.

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