Episode in Wegman’s

July 1, 2019

Last Saturday, Robert and I went to Wegman’s Supermarket to buy clementines, rolls, and a box of organic blueberries.  We chose that store not only because we knew that it had everything on our short shopping list, but also because it had four self-registers where Robert could practice his shopping independence and… cashier skills.

We gathered our items quickly and headed to the self-register. As Robert turned the container with blueberries to look for a bar code, the box opened and the blueberries fell out.  They spread on the scanner, the dropped to the floor.  They jumped to the shopping bags hanging by the scanner, they hid behind the scanner.

Robert didn’t let them escape. After all he scanned the box already.  The blueberries were his and he had to take them home. So he grabbed the ones on the glass surface of the scanner. He was anxious.  He knew that this was not something that was supposed to happen and thus there was a risk that his mother would not let him take them home.  Of course, if I had any choice I wouldn’t. But I knew better.  I didn’t even hope that Robert would not pick blueberries from the floor including all the tight spaces behind and between other objects. I tried to protest, but my protests only increased Robert’s resolve to correct this mishap quicker and that resulted in some of the blueberries being squashed.

The young man attending to all the four self-registers noticed our situation and volunteered to take the box and bring another one.  But of course, Robert would not let him.  strangely, the young man was only slightly surprised by Robert’s protests and my explanation that this would not be possible.

“I understand. My brother would do exactly the same.” said the young man and disappeared.  Robert meantime put the box of blueberries in the shopping bag and placed the shopping bag in the cart to make sure it would go with us. He continue to scan clementines and then rolls. That required touching the screen in search for the words “bakery” and later “rolls” and entering the proper number.  Meantime, young man appeared and somehow he had two boxes of blueberries in his hands.  For a fraction of a second Robert seemed confused as if suspecting something wrong but soon enough he accepted the box given to him by the young attendant and placed it again in the shopping bag.  Calmly, we left the store.

I didn’t forget to thank the man profusely despite tears coming to my eyes.

On a less dramatic note.

We continue with our evening studies. Still  Functional Routines, Analogy Challenges (but know presented not by pictures but words), following directions as given by Say and Glue for Language and Listening, a page from Spectrum Algebra. Still reading a chapter or two from a book from Usborne Young Reading series (currently The Canterville Ghost).  And of course still practicing pronunciation.  Robert reads the word on a card and I tried to guess what he says without seeing the word.