Still Learning 2

October 16, 2019

I don’t have any excuse for not writing. Yes, I was busy, but I had been busy before and that didn’t stop me from writing. In the three months that have passed from my last post many things happened.  Robert’s sister came from France and stay for two month providing Robert with much needed company.  We visited Acadia, New Hampshire, and Maine.  We made day trips to Cape Cod.  Robert’s grandma was visiting. Robert with his dad participated in a second 5K race finishing it, well, second to last, but having a lot of fun and feeling very proud. There were doctor’s visits and dentist’s visits.  There were trips to the stores and orchards.  These and many other events are worthy of being written about as many of them expanded Robert’s world and helped him grow. So, maybe I will write about them, but not today. Today, I just write about another hour of learning together.  Not because it is more important but because it is easier…

1. Robert still solves one Sudoku a day with my decreasing help.  At times he enters 5-6 numbers in a row.  Sometimes he gets stuck. He learned however to write a number above or under a column or to the left or right of the row when he doesn’t know the exact square but knows the column or row.  Then he uses that information to find other numbers. That was a step into more abstract thinking.

2. Robert knows many relatively advanced algorithms to do operation on fractions, but he still has difficulties changing word problems into math operation or equation. More complicated than that. He can write algebraic expression and solve equation of the form ax+b=c BUT answering the question, “How much more?” still confuses him. He continues to rigidly read the word “more” no matter what context as a signal to add instead of subtract.  I believed he has already understood that  this is a question about difference, but I was wrong.  I have to reevaluate my approach to teach the idea behind the question.  I possibly use family of facts as a starting point. Not sure yet.  Because of Robert’s difficulties with translating words into math operations, I gave up on practicing Pre Algebra and returned to the second grade math with the help of Daily Word Problems Math.  Everyday, Robert solves  3 or 4 problems often with the help of drawings. He seems very proud when he does so,

3. Years ago, I bought No Glamour Listening Comprehension by Linguisystem and was soon dismayed by the fact that Robert was not able to answer any question that followed a short sentence read to him by me.  I decided to go backwards and have Robert READ the text himself and then answer the question in writing. That is much MUCH easier for Robert.  Currently, Robert reads a text supported by a picture and answers 6 questions related to it.  As I notice, four – five questions he is answering almost automatically but still needs support when the answer has to be infer from the text as is not written there directly.  I ask robert to write the answers instead of telling them, as that gives me better insight.  His speech is still very unclear. Also, by writing, I hope, Robert finds patterns.  I consider it positive that some of the answers are almost automatic.

4. New set of cards, Emotions Skill Strips presents Robert with some challenge.  Not only he has to point to the person exhibiting particular emotion but at the higher level he has to point to a person who finds self in specific situation that might evoke particular emotion.

5. We still practice pronunciation with pages from old Weber’s book.

6. Each day, Robert copies the sentences I wrote. Sadly his handwriting doesn’t improve.  However, I use this opportunity to write about practical topics that seem closely related to his recent experiences. I hope that rewriting them would allow Robert to see them from different perspective.


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