Connecting the Dots

October 17, 2019

Dots 1, 2, 3

One Friday in each month -June, July, and August, Robert with my help cleaned two bathrooms. He sprayed mirrors with window cleaner and wiped them with the paper towel. After moving all toiletries from the counter surrounding the sink, he sprayed it with bathroom cleaners and scrubbed it with the sponge and wiped it with a rag. He poured toilet bowl cleaned inside the toilets and scrubbed them with the brush. He kept spraying, brushing, and wiping until they looked clean. However, I never suggested to him to wash bathtub or shower.  I thought it would be too much for him. I didn’t want Robert to be overwhelmed thus the task of cleaning bathtub and shower, I left for myself and for later.

Dots 4, 5, 6

During the last couple years, Robert and I used Functional Routines for Adolescents & Adults to provide exposure and/or understanding of issues related to recreation, work, community, and home.  I read a text, Robert listened, looked at the four pictures related to the appropriate part of the story, and answered the questions. Each topic was presented on three different levels: beginners, intermediate, and advance.  Two years ago, knowing Robert’s difficulties with listening comprehension, I read only the shortest and simplest texts.  The following year, we moved to intermediate and this year we graduated to the advanced level.  Among the stories we read was the one about Christina, hotel’s housekeeper, who was cleaning hotel’s bathroom. She cleaned counter, mirror, toilet, and… bathtub.


We read that story on Thursday.  The following day we decided to clean bathrooms. With my minimal involvement and supervision, Robert sprayed, scrubbed, wiped.  When, I thought he was almost finished, I left the bathroom. A minute later, Robert followed me to the kitchen.  He held bathroom cleaner in one hand and the sponge in the other. “Bathtub, bathtub”, he said.

“Ok, you can clean the tub” I responded.  And bathtub he cleaned.


We moved to the second bathroom. Robert took care of the mirror, sink, and toilet.  After he finished,  he said, “Shower, shower”, and washed the shower too,

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