Recycling, Reusing, Reducing, Recounting Money and Other Gains

Thursday, August 9, 2013

We read a chapter about conservation of natural resources from Real Science Grade 2 by SRA. We followed with taking bottles, cans, and paper to the recycling bin.  We reused two soda bottles by adding a special connector to make a tornado in the bottle.  I kept reminding Robert about turning off TV or Ipad when not in use. He seemed much more willing to do so. It has been a great development as Robert upon waking up turns TV and IPAD on even if he is not watching.  I suspect that he is “waking up” TV and IPAD the same way I am waking him up. Any way, with a prompt, he turned off light, TV, or IPAD.

This way we fulfilled our conservation obligations for a day.  We recycled, reused, and reduced.  In the garage, however, there were still cans and bottles we could return to get  our deposit back.  We  packed them in two large plastic bags and drove, as always, to Stop and Shop.  Only one machine was working. Robert took upon himself to deposit cans, but he ended up confused when the machine became full and stopped accepting cans.  At the customer service we got money ( $1.45) and asked for help.  We waited ten minutes, but nobody came to to fix machines so we took our bags and drove to Big Y.  Robert was a little surprised by the different shape of the machines’ sleeves, but  he found the way they worked entertaining.  He kept taking receipts from machines.  At the beginning he placed them in my purse, but when I told him to put them in his pockets he gladly did so. We went to the customer service desk and Robert exchanged them for cash.  Nine dollars without five cents. He placed them carefully in his wallet. We still had a few bottles which were not accepted in Big Y so we drove to the redemption center and exchanged them for $1.24.

At home, Robert  took money out of his wallet and counted and recounted them a few times.

I, meantime,  reviewed our recycling trip.   I was more than glad that the machines in Stop and Shop did not work.  I was glad, that nobody came to empty them or fix them. That gave me the opportunity to demonstrate to Robert, that things not always work perfectly, but you can still do something about that.  I did anticipate protests that the cans don’t go true,  reluctance to leave Stop and shop with bags still full of cans, hesitation about going to another store, expressing nuisance at stopping at the third place – redemption center.  But Robert was patient, understanding, and accepting world’s imperfections gracefully.

I started suspecting that  Robert too, treated the malfunction of the machines as an opportunity to experience something new, learn more , and demonstrate his own maturity.

I am not sure,  After all, Robert never explains himself.