What About Rabbit?

A couple of months ago, I wrote about  Robert’s quest to find  his identity among Hundred Acre Woods’ crowd.  I concluded that after trying on and experimenting with personalities of Pooh, Piglet, and Eyore, Robert jumped into the skin of Tigger, which fit him perfectly. This energetic, bouncing, flapping arms, getting into trouble  character was  so enchanting and attracting so much attention that I didn’t bother to look past Tigger.

If I did, I would find Rabbit.

As soon as the school bus drops him in our driveway, Robert is busy fixing everything I managed to mess up during his absence.  He starts with the car by adjusting the positions of  all the seat belts  to make sure the  buckles stay on top of vertically stretched belts.  As he enters the house, he first runs up and down, checking all the rooms for unwanted changes and makes up  a mental list of all the things that would require fixing. After taking off his shoes, removing worksheets from his folder and placing them on the dinning room table, Robert  checks  if  the purse hangs on the proper hook and if the car keys are inside.  If not, he starts his search. By now, knowing me rather more than less,  he quickly locates the keys and then turns his attention to the missing cell phone. He finds it charging on the kitchen bench, and let it be there.  At least for now.  The smell of bathroom cleaner sends him a signal that both bathrooms need his intervention, and so for the next few minutes, he makes sure that toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoo bottles and everything else returns to their proper places.  Only after he finishes with all of that, he returns to the kitchen to find out what is there for him to eat.

When we return from overnight trip to his grandmother in New York, Robert unpacks the car. He places all the medicines, the leftover food, and the toiletries exactly where they were supposed to be kept. The he fills the washing machine with dirty clothes.  He does everything so quickly, that before I finish drinking tea to unwind after 4 hours of driving, everything seems to be in place.

Except, the bottle of liquid detergent. It is empty.  Robert poured all of the soap in the washer.
Oh well..