Coloring with IPAD

Almost two weeks ago, I left on the table two pages from a long gone workbook. On each page, there were six or seven drawings of tropical animals.
Robert saw the pages and wanted to learn, whatever there was to learn from them. Except, I didn’t know what I could teach using these pictures. So I kept putting them away hoping to match them later with other materials addressing life in the tropical forest.
But for Robert, if the worksheets are out of the folder, then they have to be used in learning. To my surprise, he tolerated not completing them (there was really nothing to complete, as they were just drawings) for a few days, but last Saturday afternoon, he stood his ground. As I was busy preparing dinner, he followed me with those pages demanding in half-speech, half gestures that I teach him something from those pages. It was really annoying.
Luckily, Robert had an IPAD, which we used sparingly in the past to find information about new concepts/words/things.
In the previous months, with my help, Robert, used the search button to find out how teal, coral, or magenta looked like, what was Saint Andreas fault, and a few other things.
This Saturday, I decided to use IPAD to “complete” the worksheets. I asked Robert to find the first animal, Jaguar, on his IPAD and color it accordingly to the image on the screen. I assisted Robert while he was searching, and I returned to the kitchen while he was coloring. Twice or three times. Then I noticed that Robert didn’t need my help anymore. He kept typing, searching, and coloring until 14 out of 15 animals wore proper colors on their bodies.
The exception was the poisonous dart frog. The images Robert found on his IPAD had many different colors. Since the IPAD couldn’t give him proper directions, Robert decided to use his common sense. It was a frog so it had to be green. And it was.

Because I didn’t have too much time, I provided minimum of instruction, but Robert responded with maximum independence. That is a result which shouldn’t be ignored.